The Seriously Cool Wii Drawing Tablet

The Wii drawing tablet is a handy new peripheral device offered by Nintendo for use with the popular gaming console. Officially known as the uDraw Game Tablet, many people are enjoying the added potential… Continue reading

Are you wondering if antivirus software is really worth the cost? Getting the best computer antivirus software protection is the best thing you can do when you are connected to the internet.

The official definition of anti virus software… Continue reading

Protecting Children Online:

It’s a sad fact of reality that it is our children who are the most victimized computer users on the Internet today. The good news is that there are some practical steps you can take to protect your children from sexual predators, hackers, and other seedy individuals who want to cause harm. This article will describe a few of them. Continue reading

Cool Kids Flash Drives:

There is a pretty cool choice of USB drives for kids these days. You certainly don’t have to give them a plain, boring old black or gray one.

I especially love the idea of the wristband… Continue reading

Email Death Threat Scams:

The email scam that keeps coming back, rehashed, reinvented, but still scaring the wits out of innocent people! So, what should you do if you receive an email death threat?

It may be something along the… Continue reading

Stay Connected iPad Style!

Thanks to the major marketing boost that the iPad received from parent company Apple, we now have the impression that it is the best device to experience the Web, watch online streaming video, and connect with… Continue reading

Fun Animal Flash Drives:

For kids and also for “big kids”, here is a cool selection of really cute and unique flash drives all with animal themes. Fun USB drives make a great gift idea. And since USB storage drives… Continue reading

Is The Apple IPad Mini On The Way?

Rumors that Apple is on the verge of producing a smaller version of its iPad are circulating once again. Reputable media sources including PCWorld, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal have all cited unnamed Continue reading

Parental Controls On IPS Servers:

Most parents today are worried about what their children are being exposed to online. It is very clear that there are several different types of websites out there that are bad for kids to see.… Continue reading

PC Troubleshooting:

I recently had two PC troubleshooting jobs at the same time. The first customer, who I will call “Person A”, had a desktop computer that would power up but the monitor screen stayed dark and the monitor… Continue reading

Who Needs A Macbook?

Every College Student Needs A Macbook: College students know the importance of having a great and reliable computer. You will be using it to do a lot of research, type a lot of papers and communicate… Continue reading

A First Look At The iPad

Design-wise, there really isn’t a lot to comment onthe  iPad. There is only the 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 multi-touch LED backlit display which takes much of the bulk of the iPad’s surface. But quite frankly, that is what most people love about Continue reading

Online Safety Kids:

This article is about internet protection children need to keep them safe from predators online. It’s an unfortunate fact of reality, but children are the most victimized computer users on the Continue reading

eBook Reader Accessories:

If you’re thinking about buying a new eBook reader, or maybe you already own one, then you might be keen to have a look at some of the many accessories available. Some provide great ways for taking care of your Continue reading

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